Thank you for checking with us, but as of now the location is closed. Due to the City's zoning ordnance. The City said we can no longer do business in this location. We are looking to find a suitable building in the near future.

I want to thank each and everyone for supporting this business for over 30 years.

Welcome to Scrappy's Recycling!

We are a low-volume recycling convenience center conveniently located in Chamblee, Georgia (Atlanta) specializing in non-ferrous metal collection and recycling. Serving the metro Atlanta area and beyond, our center has been recycling at the same Chamblee Location since 1986, and have operated as Scrappy's, under the same owner, since 2001. We are dedicated to serving our community by providing a convenient place for local recyclers to sell their scrap metal without having to wait in a long line. Whether your load is large or small, we'll weigh your scrap, and you'll be paid within minutes! Seem too simple? Just be sure to bring your valid driver's license, and leave the waiting behind.

If you need more information, please Contact Us!